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Chad's Plan for More Jobs with Better Pay

Chad knows the best way to help Pennsylvania families is to bring good paying jobs back to our area.  In Harrisburg, he'll use his experience to support policies that help job creators so they can help us.  Chad has come from a family of job creators.  His family proudly owned a company for many years.  He father an immigrant from another country worked hard to help create a thriving labor business.  Chad will also stand up to make sure that every worker has the opportunity to succeed and earn more. 


Fair Taxes For Pennsylvanian

From day one Chad has been a fighter for lower taxes.  In 2013 at 17 years old Chad won his first primary election. He ran his election strictly on the purpose to lower taxes and protect teachers jobs. To this day fighting to lower taxes so family's can strive is his goal. Disciplined spending and accountability to the taxpayer is Chad's objective when it comes to taxes. He wants Pennsylvania families to keep more of their hard earned money so they can spend it on what's most important to them.  That's why he will seek ways to provide taxpayers a better value for every tax dollar spent.


Strong and Effective Education

Chad will go to Harrisburg and fight for the funding we need to make our schools strong and effective.  Whether it's preparing for the job market, for college, or for the trades, Chad wants every student to be ready and able to succeed. We need to fight to ensure we keep our teachers in their classrooms. Every child deserves a great education, we need to work hard to fix our system. 

Fighting for our Community

For most of Chad's life he has work for his community. His years as a Police Officer taught him the need to have a strong, safe, community. From supporting our police, fire fighters, and EMTs to making sure we have parks for our kids and senior centers for older residents Chad will fight for all members. 

Fighting the Drug Problem

Chad understands we have a major drug problem in our area.  As a Police officer he sees first hand the devastating effects drugs like heroin have on a person, as well as their families. Chad will fight to keep programs that help people suffering from addiction. Chad believes we need to fix this issue by going after the drug dealers that are murdering so many by selling these drugs on the street.